Decision Maker

Explore infinite possibilities with 4D

Meet your priorities

Decision makers, your priority is to ensure the growth of your business. With 4D, you can create a customized solution or opt for a turnkey solution designed by our partners. Make your business agile by easily deploying your solution within your corporate infrastructure.

4D helps you meet your sales, collaboration, and/or production needs by enabling you to develop a platform that makes each interaction with your customer a reason to commit. This lets you manage your data, improve customer knowledge, and offer an attractive customer experience. Increase your productivity by optimizing your collaborative processes.

Your only limitation is your imagination.

Boost your business

Boost sales by providing your teams a CRM perfectly adapted to their needs. With 4D, get the most out of your data by sharing information among different teams and transforming opportunities into sales.

Enjoy a customized solution to increase performance. Tailor your software to your actual business practices to truly follow every step of the customer relationship to improve loyalty.

Optimize your productivity

With 4D, create a perfectly structured ERP to support your growth. Get a comprehensive overview of your business and adapt your tools to the requirements of each department: accounting, procurement, logistics, inventory management, sales management, etc.

Optimize workflows at every stage of your product life cycle so your teams can focus on the tasks that deliver value.

Visualize your data

The value of your data lies in its analysis. 4D gives you control by unifying the data from diverse sources within a single platform.

Easily design customized tools to meet your needs: inventory management, productivity planning, simplified information sharing, and data management.

How our customers benefit from 4D

4D customers are in nearly every sector: industry, services, education, finance, retail, banking and insurance, health, transportation, tourism, real estate, construction, and even sports and entertainment. They include major corporations, small businesses, associations and non-governmental organizations as well as public institutions.

Get inspired by their experiences or take advantage of 4D turnkey solutions designed by our partners.

How 4D helps reduce your costs

4D simplifies the development of complex business solutions: improving performance, reducing time to market, and/or enabling your business to go mobile and become part of the cloud. Creating value and new opportunities, while keeping costs under control.

Development independence allows you to optimize your productivity and quickly create customized applications. 4D is scalable and compatible with all industry standards. Leverage the latest technological innovations without modifying your infrastructure and benefit from an application that easily adapts to a growing number of users.

Make your business mobile

Expand your business logic by connecting your database to the Internet of Things (IOT). Extend your applications to mobile devices and the cloud. Your employees can easily access and synchronize with your database. Best of all, your users can interact with your company on their mobile devices…whenever and wherever.

Accelerate your development

The power of 4D comes from its integration of the best technological innovations, combined with a visual approach to development. Experience an intuitive development interface and intelligently manipulate your data, reducing the time it takes to customize your business processes to your customer needs.

Your project is completely scalable and grows as your needs do – on the web, for mobile devices or in a client/server configuration - making your business more reactive and reducing your time to market.

Be more Agile

Rethink your organization to increase productivity and simplify collaboration among your employees. 4D allows you to integrate data from different departments into a single solution tailored to the needs of your company.

Get personalized advice

Request contact with a 4D expert who will listen to your needs and provide advice or recommend an existing turnkey 4D solution developed by one of our partners.

Solid experience and a vision for what’s ahead

Innovating to stay ahead of the curve: 4D draws its expertise from its ability to innovate and anticipate the needs of its customers and the market.

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